Welcome Click! Customers!

Click here for an Update on the Click Network! Transition

As of April 1, 2020, Rainier Connect will be providing service to all Click! Cable TV and Internet customers. We will be operating under an IRU agreement. This means that Rainier Connect, will provide the service and support to existing Click! Cable and Internet customers. 

What happens if my service is with another Internet Service Provider on the Click! Network?

We are here to take care of you and keep you connected! If you would like to keep your service on, please fill out this webform today. We have a lot of customers excited to get this service and now we are caught up and ready to process the last group of Advanced Stream customers.

Please click this link and complete the online order form.

When we process your order, you may have a brief interruption of service while your modem accepts the new information and reboots. 
Please note to avoid order errors:
  • Make sure you enter your address correctly. Enter the house number first and slowly, you will see a drop down of options. Next is the direction, N, S, in most cases you will not need to spell it out. 
  • If you have Advanced Stream service and your address does not appear, don't worry, it is an error in the database and we will correct it when we process your order. An alternate form will be available, simply complete it and we will reach out to you. 
  • We are currently running special pricing to Stay Connected and it can all be done without having to schedule an in-home appointment.
  • Once you complete the form, your first bill will include the days of the month you had service and then the next full month. For instance, if you submit the form on June 24th your first bill will arrive in July and include the full month of July and the days in June, i.e. the 24th-30th.

If you have concerns, or would just like to avoid all service interruptions, please click here and complete this form.

All Internet Service Providers were provided notice before the end of 2019 that service contracts with Click! Cable TV would not be renewed and/or would expire on or before March 31, 2020. You should have received three letters from Tacoma Public Utilities with additional information the first week of March. It was the responsibility of your service provider to notify you of any changes to the service you were provided and we do not have access to your account information unless you are our customer. We are no longer in discussions with other providers on the network and all services will need to move to Rainier Connect.

If you ever have questions, you can always give us call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.