Pay-Per-View Guide

Pay-Per-View Guide
    Ordering Pay-Per-View
  • From the Main Menu or Quick Menu, select PPV to go to the PPV Search Menu. You can search by title, time, events, or adult programming.
  • When you find a program of interest, highlight the title and press OK for the Information Screen.
  • To purchase a program, highlight the Icon and followand follow the on-screen prompts to complete and confirm your order.
  • If the program is scheduled to air at a future time, a Reminder is automatically set to notify you of your order before the program begins.
    Canceling a Pay-Per-View Order
  • To cancel a PPV order before the program starts:
  • Select the ordered program in any of the listing menus
  • (there will be a $ sign in the Instant Information).
  • From the information screen, select the Icon and follow the prompts to cancel the order.
  • A confirmation may be needed to ensure your order is canceled.
    Pay-Per-View Notices
  • Pay-Per-View Program Started
  • A Program Started screen will appear if you try to order a PPV program that is in progress but is within the purchase window. If the program has ran past the time of the purchase window, you will no longer see the Icon
    Pay-Per-View Order Conflict
  • When you order a PPV program that airs at the same time as an existing PPV order, you will be alerted on-screen with the option to cancel or keep both orders.
    Pay-Per-View Program Missed
  • If you have order a PPV program but didn't tune to it, a Program Missed notice will appear, asking if you would like to reschedule your order.
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