This depends on the model of DVR that you have.  Some built-in DVRs include the entire portion of the program that is stored in the buffer in your recording, while others will start the recording from the moment you press record.
Yes! As long as the program is being broadcast in Digital Audio, the DVR will record the digital audio portion
There is no limit to the number of recordings you can schedule as long as you have available recording space and there isn’t a scheduling conflict – only two programs can record at the same time.
No. The DVR records only the video and audio of the program you have selected.  It will not record other items such as the menu if you access the program guide.
You can keep them as long as you want.  Just remember, the recording space is limited, so you may need to delete some recorded programs from time to time in order to make room for new ones.
Rainier Connect DVR service is available to Digital Cable Customers.  To sign up for new service please call us at 253.683.4100.
DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. With DVR, you can easily record your favorite shows without tapes, without a VCR, or without troublesome timers.  With the touch of a button, you can pause live TV, view an instant replay, rewind your favorite scenes, or play your show in slow motion. You can...
A NIC (or "NICK") is a Network Interface Card, or is also known as an "Ethernet Adapter" that is on the back panel of the computer and connects to the cable modem. Most computers sold in the last 5 years have them pre-installed.
No, Technical Support is available by phone 24 hours a day at no charge to our customers.
Find the corresponding description for each section at the bottom of this page. Primary Billing Number and Member NumberPlease have both numbers available when calling customer care. Due DateYour bill must be paid in full on or before this date to avoid possible late fees. Payment...