The red recording light on the front of your DVR will light up.
A message will appear on-screen advising you when recording space is low or full.
Press the 'Guide' button on your remote (this will bring up the TV listings menu)  Select a listing Press the 'Record' button on your remote You can also press the 'Record' button while you are watching live TV, or you can also select the 'Record' icon on the program information screen.
No, a second receiver is not required to enjoy Rainier Connect’s DVR service. Unlike many other DVR service providers, there is no equipment to buy and no upfront equipment fee.  If you already have Rainier Connect Digital Video service, we will provide a new digital receiver with DVR functionality...
Yes, you will be able to record and store HD programs on your DVR.  The amount of hours you can store on your DVR varies by model and is dependent on how many standard-definition programs you have already recorded.
DVR allows you to pause a standard-definition program for approximately 45 minutes, or an HDTV program for approximately 15 minutes.  The amount of time you can pause live TV varies based on the type of program you are watching.  In fact, some digital programs can be paused for up to 90 minutes.
Yes, if you have a dual-tuner DVR.  Rainier Connect only offers dual-tuner DVRs.  Having two tuners allows you to watch one show while you record another, to record two shows and watch a third pre-recorded show, and to swap between two live shows with the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind...
The DVR records programs in the same quality they are broadcast in. Broadcast quality may vary.
All recordings that were saved prior to the power loss are preserved, as well as future recordings scheduled. You miss only the recordings that were scheduled to record while the power was out.
The DVR box cannot provide you with an exact amount of hours available since hours available depends on the type of programs you record.   Your DVR will tell you how much of your hard drive is filled, from that you can make your own assumptions on remaining hours based on the programming your plan...