Are you currently experiencing intermittent connectivity or slow speeds? If your cable modem is not found on the list below, there is a possibility that your modem is at the end of it's life and needs to be replaced. Please contact customer care at 253.683.4100.   ...
Approved Devices Below are a sample of popular devices that will work with your Stream TV, click here for a complete list of approved devices. Stream TV doesn’t require a special cable box or installation. It works with your Rainier Connect Internet connection. You can use...
Click here to watch how to change your remote control batteries.
Calling Feature Instructions
Windows 95 / 98 / ME: Click Start, then choose Run In the Open box, type "winipcfg" and click OK. In the top right of the IP Configuration window, make sure the drop down box shows your network card or USB cable modem. It should not read PPP Adapter. If the IP Address shows all 0...
If your account is disconnected due to non-payment of services, it will result in a void of all special offers and a return to regular pricing. The account will not be eligible for any promotional rates upon payment and reconnection of services. 
Stream TV Quick Start User Guide
Click here to watch Stream TV online.
Click here for a Stream TV set-top box user guide.
Click this link for instructions to create and log into SmartHub to manage and make payments online.