Puyallup/Graham. Fiberhood Areas and Progress. Speeds up to 1GB for only $80 per month!

Town of Eatonville Fiber

The build to bring fiber to homes in the Town of Eatonville has begun! 

You may have already noticed preliminary work has been started by our local contractor, Henkels & McCoy. They are very experienced in fiber to the home construction and will help us to finish the project as quickly as possible. 

What should I expect during construction:

Over the next several months you will see these Henkels & McCoy and other contractors performing work on our behalf. 

The first phase is to locate services and begin boring. This is a very important step and you may be approached by Henkels & McCoy or they may leave a door tag asking you to contact them. Please call them as soon as possible so that we can keep the project on schedule. As the project progresses, we will be updating the process here. 

What if I don’t have Rainier Connect service now or don’t want it in the future?

During the locating stage there will be no cost to have fiber run to your home. We are encouraging every resident to let us bring the fiber in at this time, you will not be obligated to any future service.This portion of the project involves only the outside construction and no entrance into your home is necessary at this time.  

Rainier Connect is replacing all Telephone, Internet, and TV services with this new fiber installation. 

If we are unable to make contact with you regarding the placement of fiber to your home and you want fiber, please reach call us during business hours. If you are a current customer with Rainier Connect, this is an upgrade to your current service. If you are not a current customer, this service will simply give you the option to use fiber service in the future or provide future tenants/owners that option without having to pay for the construction down the road. In order to complete the construction on private property, we need permission from the property owner. There is no paperwork to sign, we simply need verbal permission. 

Can you provide more information about Fiber to the home and why it benefits me?

Click here to read an article on the benefits of Fiber to the Home and how it often creates savings for the customers and increased home values.

Click here to watch a short video explaining the basics of Fiber to the Home.

Click here for a video showing a Fiber to the Business and a Fiber to the Home installation done by Henkels & McCoy.

Click here to understand more about why Fiber to the Home is important to the future.

If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss with Rainier Connect, please call our Eatonville office during business hours at 360.832.6161.