Town of Eatonville Fiber

No more lag, No more buffering, just Stupid Fast Internet!

Rainier Connect has exciting news. Fiber Optic Internet Service is coming soon to a neighborhood near you. This lightning fast service give you speeds of up to 1GB and we are offering it to you for only $100/month.

Fiber To The Home is a revolutionary high-speed fiber optic Internet connection. Neighbors all throughout the state are rallying to say they want this technology available in their homes. By pre-registering now, you join them in helping ensure fiber is built in your neighborhood, thereby turning on all the possibilities that come with next generation speeds.

Fiber to the Home Options:

Speeds up to:   Fiber Internet Price Per Month

Plus Digital Phone

24/7 support Total Per Month*

20/20 Mbps

Perfect for a smaller household with few online needs. Stream movies, TV or music from a single device.



$60.00 +taxes & fees

100/100 Mbps

At 100mbps, you can stream content on multiple devices, download movies and music quickly, and have multiple users with minimal buffering.



$90.00 +taxes & fees

1000/1000 Mbps

What can you do with 1 gigabit speeds? Pretty much what ever you want and all at the same time! Enjoy connections that are 100x the national average for internet connection speed.



$105 +taxes & fees

Offer available to residential customers only in Eatonville areas serviceable by Rainier Connect. Subscribers must take digital phone. Prices do not include taxes (approximately $6.00 and ONT rental of $9.00), surcharges and additional fees. *Published monthly rates include paperless billing. Mailed statements will be charged $2.00 per mailing. Services and pricing subject to change. Services are subject to Rainier Connect terms and conditions. Macintosh and laptop computers require network interface card prior to installation. Fiber Internet service is limited to a single outlet. Prices shown do not include installation charges, or equipment. Speeds may vary based on customer equipment. Must have a Rainier Connect modem. Routers may affect performance depending on model and type. Gigabit speeds may require speed compatible router. All Internet Services are subject to our Internet Service Acceptable-Use Policy.