Fiberhoods 4 Stages & FAQ

4 Stages of Fiber Rollout

Stage 1: Registration

You have received a letter notifying you of the potential fiber build to your neighborhood. It is now time to contact our customer care team at 253.683.4100 to complete your registration and receive your invoice. Be sure to remit your invoice payment and encourage your neighbors to do the same. We’ll start engineering and construction as soon as enough of your neighbors complete the registration.

Stage 2: Engineering 

Enough of your neighbors have registered so we’re in your area now engineering the best way to bring you 100X faster Home Internet.

Stage 3: Construction 

Our crews are laying fiber optic cable in your area so you’ll soon have the fastest internet in the country. It’s time to complete your order for service and schedule installation.

Stage 4: Installation 

Your neighbors are now getting Fiber To The Home service. What are you waiting for? Make the switch now and get 100X faster Home Internet.

Fiber FAQ's

What is Rainier Connect’s Fiber To The Home?

Rainier Connect’s Fiber To The Home is a state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure that brings fiber optic service all the way to the home. It is the most current technology that is “future proof” and capable of delivering ultra-fast Internet connections, plus home telephone and TV service. Customers are constantly needing and demanding higher amounts of bandwidth in their homes. This fiber investment prepares us all for what’s to come in the future.

Whats better … fiber optic, cable, DSL, or wireless?

Fiber optic is the fastest Internet option available. If you use the Internet in any way and have the opportunity to sign up for fiber, you should! You will not be disappointed. For current Rainier Connect cable modem or DSL customers, we will work with you to switch your service to Fiber. We want you to enjoy your experience with Rainier Connect! 

Is Rainier Connect fiber more reliable than cable modem or DSL?

Fiber to the home uses a pure data Ethernet connection. A router would still be required to take advantage of WiFi connections. Because it’s light being transmitted, there is no interference or noise from common items such as radios, motors, power lines, or other nearby cables. This means the clearest signal and best connection for you. Even lighting strikes, which can be transmitted by copper cabling, are not transmitted by fiber-optic cable.

Is there maintenance on fiber?

Fiber optic cables costs less to maintain than traditional copper lines, saving us all time and money.

What does 1 Gigabit per second Internet mean?

It is a measurement of Internet speed. The national average for residential Internet speed is 10 megabits per second. 1 Gigabit per second is 100 times faster.

Why would I want 1 Gbps service in my home?

This is a breakthrough technology that will change the way you connect and bring the world into your home. Speed this fast means that you can:

  • Browse the Web with instant page changes and no buffering.
  • Gamers will experience an immersive multi-player experience.
  • Stream multiple movies simultaneously on devices throughout your home.

What else is different about Fiber?

You will no longer experience slow downs when adding new devices or as you gradually changing on-line habits. As the Internet usage has changed, so do the needs of our customers. We have found that even advancements in web page design has resulted in needing additional bandwidth. One example is that Facebook now automatically plays videos. We have also seen a surge in use with iCloud automatically syncing all devices with they hit wi-fi.

What is fiber optic cabling and what are its benefits? 

Fiber optic cabling is a cable that carries one or more strands of glass. Digital pulses of light carry signals along the line - what we call the "speed of light." Fiber is the top technology for Internet speed and reliability - it offers the highest speeds, best transmission, and highest reliability in adverse weather conditions.

Is this promotional pricing and is my bill going to change like it does with other providers? 

We believe in clear and consistent billing, therefore we do not offer promotional-period pricing to attract Fiber To The Home customers. 

What happens if I subscribe to Fiber To The Home and then move to an area without fiber? 

There is no penalty for canceling Fiber To The Home service if you move to an area where we do not offer the service.

Fiber To The Home Cities

How did you select where to build the Fiberhoods? 

The decision is based on interest expressed by residents, current subscriber density, and proximity to existing fiber infrastructure.

Can my neighborhood be considered for Fiber To The Home services? 

The Fiber To The Home initiative is open to new neighborhoods, simply contact our customer care team at 253.683.4100 to request information on fiber builds.

Will Fiber To The Home services automatically be available to all Rainier Connect customers? 

Certain areas that we service are designated as Fiberhoods. In order for construction to begin in a Fiberhood, a designated percentage of the residents must first pre-register.

Fiber To The Home Timeline

If my neighborhood is selected, how soon will I be able to order service? This depends on how quickly a Fiberhood goes to the Engineering phase. Going to the Engineering phase refers to the point when a Fiberhood reaches the necessary number of pre-registrants to move forward with the construction costs required to bring fiber to each interested household. At that point, construction in the Fiberhood will begin and residents in that neighborhood can place an order for service. Basically, the faster you and your neighbors pre-register, the faster you can get Fiber To The Home service.

What are the phases in this process? 

The first step for each Fiberhood is pre-registration. Once enough people in a Fiberhood pre-register for service, that Fiberhood moves to Engineering. Each phase generally takes from four to six months to complete depending on each Fiberhood’s needs. During the construction phase, you can place your order for Fiber To The Home service, which gives Rainier Connect the green light to bring the fiber into the your yard. The final phase of the process is installation of the fiber services you ordered. 

Why can't I get service immediately after my Fiberhood goes to Engineering? 

Once enough people in a Fiberhood have pre-registered for service, that Fiberhood moves into the next phase in the process, which is the engineering phase. To engineer a Fiberhood is to survey the area and draw the construction plans. Before construction can begin. Since we're bringing new technology to the area, the lead time between interest and installation is longer than with an existing technology.

Fiber To The Home Installation

Can you use the existing wiring in my house? 

In most cases we will be able to use existing wiring. Our installation crew will go over any exceptions at the time of installation. 

If I need new wiring, what type of cable will you use?

We will use Cat6 Ethernet, which can be installed by Rainier Connect technicians.

Will any equipment be placed in my yard? 

Just like for cable service, we will need to place a box on the side of your home, which will house the fiber connections from the home to the rest of the Rainier Connect fiber network. Fiber optic cable will also run underground from the street to the box on the side of your home.

How far does the fiber actually go into my house?

Fiber connects to Ethernet cabling in the box on the side of your home. This allows the signal to connect to devices in the home.

How do you plan to run fiber in my yard?

Fiber is placed in a yard in one of two ways: either by blowing it through existing conduit or trenching. If you currently have Rainier Connect service to you home, we may be able to run the fiber through existing conduit. The other option is trenching, which uses excavation equipment to create a path on the surface of your yard. Engineers will determine the best method for each individual customer.

Will running fiber to my house mess up my yard?

It is possible that the construction crew might need to temporarily disturb a flower bed or portion of your yard. Our crews will will clean up and restore all landscaping.

Home Internet Service

Will I need a new computer, laptop, or tablet to access the service? 

No, but older equipment may not be able to access the full gigabit of speed. When  your service is installed, technicians will test and show you the speed coming into your home. 

Can I use my own wireless router? 

Yes, you can use your own wireless router. We recommend an 802.11ac grade router to receive the best wireless experience. Please note that wireless speeds are dependent on the device capabilities.

Do I have to purchase a fiber modem from Rainier Connect? 

Fiber modems are not currently easily available. We will sell modems, as well as offer them on a monthly lease. 

Is the speed the same in both directions (uploading and downloading)? 

Yes, this is one of the great technological benefits of the service. Our service will deliver 1Gbps upload, not just download. This is becoming increasingly important for home-based businesses, and also supports live two-way video conferencing sessions and other benefits still to be discovered. Actual transmission speeds will depend on your equipment.

Will this work with Wi-Fi? If so, can Wi-Fi handle the entire 1Gbps speed? 

Yes, it works with standard Wi-Fi routers. To handle full gigabit speeds, a Wi-Fi router will need to use the 802.11ac standard.

Home Phone Service

Can I keep my current landline number? 

Yes. If you subscribe to our home phone service, you can keep your current landline number. Before we can provide your home phone service, we will simply port your phone number from your current provider if it is not currently Rainier Connect.

What features are included with home phone service? 

Voice mail, call blocking, call return, call waiting, caller ID and more are included in our home phone service. Learn more about all of the features available with our home phone service. 

Will I need a different home phone? 

You can use any phone designed for landline service.

Is this Voice over IP service? 

Our home phone service is not traditional Voice over IP but does utilize IP connectivity. We do apply a quality of service which gives your voice call priority over data traffic to ensure a clear connection. 

Can you use my existing home phone wiring? 

Yes. New wiring is not needed for our home phone service.

Do you offer international calling? 

You can request access to make international calls. Calls are charged based on the rate for the dialed country code.

Will I have phone service when the power goes out? 

Yes, if you opt to lease the 24-hour standby battery backup, you will have power during an outage.

Will my home phone work with a security system? 


Will my home phone work with a fax machine?