Channel Changes

Starting May 12, 2014, Rainier Connect will no longer carry Viacom programming.

Rainier Connect is out to change the way you watch TV—for the better! It’s time to take a stand. Here are the reasons we decided to drop Viacom programming, as well as information on new channels you can help select:

  • In order to continue our existing agreement with Viacom, we would have had to accept annual increases that would have doubled our current rates in just five years.
  • This represents eight times the rate of inflation and would have significantly increased your monthly bill.
  • Viewership of Viacom channels is declining.
  • Our customers have been asking for new TV choices!

We are taking a stand for all of our customers to ensure that you get the best entertainment value for your money.

Programming agreements don’t permit us to individually pay for channels or provide them individually to customers. Viacom demanded that all Viacom channels are bundled, even the channels with low ratings, at high rates that would force all our customers to pay for them. That may be acceptable to a few people who value that programming but unfair to a great majority of our customers who would be forced to pay for it.

Coming soon, we will be adding new channel options! Watch our website for updates.

We have also brought you a new way to access your Rainier Connect cable TV content. It’s called Watch TV Everywhere, and it allows you to watch your favorite shows online from participating channels just about anywhere, anytime, on any device. Best of all, it’s FREE!

We are dedicated to creating a customer experience that’s unequaled in customer service, value, and reliability.

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