Open Access Program

Rainier Connect offers on a non-discriminatory basis an Open Access program with two paths. One path is for Carriers and is called the “Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB)” program. The second path is for Resellers interested in the opportunity to connect with more customers. It is called the “White Label” program. Our BYOB program includes, but is not limited to, providing consistent and equal wholesale pricing to all qualified entities.  Under the White Label program, the same commission rate will be offered to all applicants.  Under each program, all applicants will be subject to the same standards applicable to the program.  Each applicant must meet minimum technical standards appropriate for the program the applicant is seeking to ensure the reliability and stability of offerings on the network.

Integration with our BYOB Open Access program offers your customers the simplicity of partnering with you for all their communication needs. The BYOB program is for existing facilities based carriers. Under the BYOB program, “last mile” facilities and services are available from Rainier Connect.  Carriers will need to provide “middle mile” facilities, public IP addresses, bandwidth, peering arrangements, if needed, customer support, customer billing and technical support. The Carrier sets its own rates and has the flexibility to differentiate its service from its competition.

The Reseller or White Label program is designed for those who do not have a facilities based ISP business in place. The White Label program offers the opportunity for a retailer to offer add-on services. For example, an IT consultant may want to bundle an Internet package with their IT service without the need to invest in expensive ISP infrastructure. All facilities and essential services are provided by Rainier Connect. The Reseller earns a commission. The unique part of the White Label program is that the commission continues for as long as the customer subscribes to the service at the same location and Rainier Connect is providing service on the existing network. The commission does not stop after a year or so as with most Reseller programs.  

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Minimum Requirements:

Number of customers: 1,000 (applies to Carriers not Resellers)
Must sign an NDA: click here to see the NDA

​To begin the application process, please click here and respond to all questions on the form, a representative will contact you for additional information.