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12/2 Mbps

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20/5 Mbps

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100/10 Mbps

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Offer available to new residential customers only in areas serviceable by Rainier Connect. Promotional pricing available for the first 12 months of the account. Any changes to the account will result in a void of the offer and a return to regular pricing. Offer not valid with any other promotion and expires 6/29/2018. Prices do not include taxes, surcharges and additional fees. Services are subject to Rainier Connect terms and conditions. Macintosh and laptop computers require network interface card prior to installation. High Speed Internet service is limited to a single outlet. Prices shown do not include installation charges, or equipment. Speeds may vary based on customer equipment. Customer equipment must meet minimum requirements. Must have a DOCSIS 3.0 certified modem. Routers may affect performance depending on model and type. All Internet Services are subject to our Internet Service Acceptable-Use Policy.