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We are so excited to be your provider on the Click! Network. If you currently have your service with another provider on the Click! Network, you can provide your information and begin saving today. 

Please be aware, these special promotional rates are only good through 3/31/2020, but if you sign up now these will remain your everyday low rates! 

If you would like to bring your own modem, please click here to confirm yours is on the approved modem list.

Please select the internet speed package that best meets your needs.
If you have a modem you would like to use on our network, please enter the MAC ID. The MAC ID is a 12 digit alpha numeric number typically found on the back of the modem. If you can not find it, please indicate in the field and we can assist you when we call to finalize your service needs.
Whole home WiFi helps in homes with spotty or inconsistent wireless internet coverage.
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