Managed Services

Managed Network & Wireless

Focus on your business, not your Internet connection

With Managed Network services, Rainier Connect provides a network design, installation, provisioning management and maintenance of your network.

Design based on your needs

We provide an assessment of your current needs and anticipated usage, while taking into account your building layout. A custom LAN network schematic is then developed to meet your coverage and performance needs and a review of security policies.

Leave the details to the experts

When you select Rainier Connect for you Managed LAN, we install and test your LAN equipment. We can also conduct performance and usage monitoring to help prevent unauthorized access. Management of your service also includes:

  • Add change or remove users/devices

  • Reboot router remotely

  • Restore form backup and rollback configuration changes

  • Add, change, remove and troubleshoot VPN connection to Rainier Connect managed sites

Looking for a wireless option?

Rainier Connect also provides wireless design, installation, provisioning, management and maintenance of your Managed LAN wireless network.

Let us manage your tasks through a secure web interface

  • Change SSID (the Wi-Fi network’s name)
  • View all active Wi-Fi connections
  • View network policies applied to the device
  • Remotely terminate users

Brand a complimentary web portal for your guests

  • Provide branded or co-branded portals
  • Create custom redirect pages

Save time and keep your connection safe

  • Limit available time and bandwidth preventing  users from abusing your network

Monitoring and alerts

  • Provide automated alerts when preset performance thresholds are violated