Public-Private Partnership with Click! Network Approved

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tacoma, WA: Rainier Connect, a local, family-owned high-speed internet and cable TV provider, is pleased to announce that they have partnered with the Click! Network. The final long-term lease or indefeasible right of use (IRU) agreement allows Rainier Connect to provide internet, cable TV, and phone services over the Click! Network. 

Rainier Connect offers affordable high-speed internet, cable TV, phone, and Wi-Fi whole-home networking services. Rainier Connect is a locally and family-owned business serving Tacoma, Puyallup, Eatonville, and Graham for over 100 years. 

Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) will continue to own the network. Under the IRU, Rainier Connect will manage and maintain the network, which includes annual investments in network upgrades. The upgrades will result in greater network reliability and increase speeds.

As a part of the agreement, Rainier Connect is committed to investing $1.5 million dollars annually to maintain a state-of-the-art network. Rainier Connect is committed to bringing affordable internet access to all customers and will begin a federally managed Lifeline program for low-income households. The Lifeline program will offer a 30/10 mbps connection. In addition, Rainier Connect will also work with up to 30 local non-profit organizations that provide services to low-income community members as a way to help facilitate broadband access for those who can not access it elsewhere. 

Many Click! Network customers in Tacoma and surrounding areas have already benefited from Rainier Connects high-speed internet services as a current provider of high-speed internet over the Click! Network. Rainier Connect is committed to continuing to provide great customer service, competitive Internet speeds, cable tv, telephone services, and more to Tacoma area businesses and residents. 

Brian Haynes, CEO & President of Rainier Connect, said we are excited to begin a new chapter in our partnership with Tacoma Public Utilities and the Click! Network. We have been serving Tacoma, Puyallup, Eatonville, Graham and surrounding area for the past 100 years. It is our goal to keep the community connected and bring state-of-the-art services to everyone in our serving area. This means we will begin programs to better meet the needs of those who are low-income and rely on access to exceptional internet as well as bringing new products to our business community.”

The transition will begin immediately. Customers should expect a smooth, uninterrupted transition to Rainier Connect with many of the initial upgrades to the system happening behind the scenes and will not impact daily customer services. As investments are made, watch for exciting new offerings and improved Internet speeds and reliability. 

For specific account questions, please reach out to our customer care team at 253.683.4100.

For questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to Lorie Hills at  

Click here to apply for the New Lifeline Program.