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Thursday, September 5, 2013

$10,000 Technology Makeover, Makes the Difference for Local Non-profit

There is a small non-profit agency striving to make a huge impact in the lives of children and families in the Tacoma community. With services ranging from childcare, emergency respite, parent-child visitation, parenting assessments, and even a full-time RN.

The Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center was in need of efficient and reliable communication services and technical equipment. Upgrading their systems would be critical to the center’s future success, but they didn’t have the resources to do so.

Enter Rainier Connect and AMS technologies’ “$10,000 Technology Makeover.” Designed as a community outreach contest, it was based on awarding updated communication and technology services to a local business in need. Criteria required for entering the contest included:

  • Importance of technology to the business
  • The problem that would be solved with the Technology Makeover
  • The most compelling reason the company should be selected for the $10,000 Technology Makeover

Rainier Connect and AMS were inundated with entries and selecting a winner proved rather difficult. Debbie Reding, Sales & Marketing manager for Rainier Connect stated “It was really eye opening to see the businesses and non-profits that would benefit from this type of contest. Reliable communications and updated technical equipment are absolutely essential to companies today.” After reviewing all applications carefully, the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center edged out all other entrants. Rainier Connect and AMS discovered the center’s current communications services were extremely slow and the computers outdated. Their technology is used to help families sustain themselves by using the computers and internet to create resumes, job searches, and look for community resources. “We ultimately chose the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center because as a non-profit service, 100% of the money goes back into the program. Winning the makeover means more money can go towards servicing the children and the families in our community,” said Reding.

Upon winning, Rainier Connect & AMS technicians were on-site at the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center to begin work on the much needed upgrades. The center had 5 outdated computers, 6 phone lines and less than efficient DSL service.

“There was a lot of room for improvement,” said Rainier Connect installation technician, James Becker. “Their phone system was 10 to 15 years old, they had multiple listed numbers and no real way to transfer phone calls.”

The center’s facility is a campus like setting with four different buildings, one being a small gym for the children to play in. With their old phone system they had no way to transfer a call across the campus. When answering an incoming call that was meant for another employee, they would have to put the caller on hold and walk around the campus to let their co-worker know there was a call waiting.

With an entirely new phone system, Rainier Connect removed this step and gave the center the ability to seamlessly transfer calls to specific employees.

The transition to hosted phone and internet systems will be a huge leap for the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center.

All of these improvements also come at a cost-the center will save 60-70% on their monthly telecommunications bill. “Anytime we can decrease a new customer’s monthly cost while increasing efficiencies, it is a win-win for everyone,” said Reding.