Galaxie Music changes August 19, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014

Our online music provider is making channel changes based on viewer usage. The changes will be as follows:


4 completely new channels!:

-Eclectic Electronic will replace Opera

-Hip Hop will replace Big Band

-Y2K will replace Celtic

-Broadway will replace Baroque


5 following channels will be refreshed and renamed to:

-Regional Mexican will become Romance Latino

-Latino Tejano will become Rock en Espanol

-Dance Classics will become Groove Disco & Funk

-Retro R&B will become Classic RnB & Soul

-Hard Rock will become Heavy Metal



The description for the new and renamed channels are as follows:

Eclectic Electronic - This is electronic music for life at the club level. 

Hip Hop - Rhythms, rhymes, samples and beats.

Y2K - All about the 2000’s! The Y2K generation is all about media, internet hype and anything new; including music.

Broadway - Experience all your favourite show tune hits. Bright lights here we come!

Romance Latino - Love Songs in Spanish.

Rock en Espanol - The best of Rock and Rock Alternative in Spanish.

Groove Disco & Funk - Full on Disco and Funk; try keeping still to this.

Classic RnB & Soul - Motown, Stax, Philly and more, all the movers and shakers of the soul years!

Heavy Metal - All the classics that made metal what it is today.