About Us

Our Connection to You

We Believe Everything is Connected

Creating strength in our local community is important to us and we want to be the spark that connects our neighbors. Through our Good Connections program, we actively encourage and promote companies and ideas that improve our local communities and create strong, thriving neighborhoods. If you would like to request a donation for your local non-profit, please submit your application through our Giving Trax page by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Because there is a tie between giving and receiving

Bringing people together to make a connection is an important part of who we are at Rainier Connect. The Good Connections Social Hour is a quarterly gathering of colleagues, clients, friends and family at our office to come together and learn about a non-profit organization or new local client.

Technology 101

Rainier Connect hosts a quarterly TECH 101 seminar for representatives of non-profit organizations to learn the basics of setting up a network, creating secure systems, and trouble shooting. During this hands-on program, we also help organizations by creating the space for new friendship and a collective sharing of knowledge.

With some telecom companies, “community service” means parking a van on your street for installations and service calls. At Rainier Connect, our involvement is deeper and more personal because we’ve lived and worked in these same communities for the past 100 years. As a locally grown company, we’re dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone in Washington’s Puget Sound region. We’re advocates for youth education and community development, encouraging and supporting employees and organizations who give back to the communities we serve, and beyond.